About B.a.D.
Be A Diamond is aimed to provide inspiration and empowerment to all walks, with an emphases on women. Health and wellness dynamics are what cultivate Be a Diamond, a brand that radiates a relentless pursuit in self growth. My mission is to educate and inspire others to live an uplifted life, through balanced physical, mental and emotional states. I am constantly learning and applying new lifestyle methods via health hacks, millionaire tips, wellness advice and fitness innovations. My goal is to bring you the most valuable knowledge from around the world to enhance and become the best version of yourself. 

What I do

For editorial contribution and copywriting:

  • Fitness

  • Nutrition 

  • Healthy living

  • Self Improvement

  • Mind and Meditation

  • Women empowerment

  • Humanitarian causes

For brand partnerships:

  • Health and Wellness supplements

  • Fitness apparel

  • Skincare products

  • Nutrition 

About me
    Being a woman of Cuban descent, I take much pride in my Latino heritage and promote diversity as a major theme in my career and life work. Also, coming from a line of strong Latina women, I highly encourage women empowerment and equality into my brand. I also love working with youth as they are the most influenced and innocent. After finding my passion, I have decided to share it and help others the best way I can. Living a healthier life ultimately equates to a happier life and think everyone is deserving of that. I believe everyone has untapped potential and I want to help them find that through the best health and wellness outlets. 
  • Self published best selling author on Amazon.
  • Certified fitness trainer for over 8 years. 
  • Bachelors degree from Syracuse University for International Relations and Sociology with a minor in Music Industry.
  • Spearheaded several women empowerment, health education and fitness driven events throughout New York City and Los Angeles. 
  • Former champion natural bikini bodybuilder.
  • Domestic violence advocate and #MeToo Speaker.
"I have been through a lot in my life and because of it all, I have chosen the path to continue and not give up. I am relentless, optimistic, grateful, real, positive energy, good karma, inspiration and unbreakable. I’m a Diamond. I just want everyone to know that they are too. They are their own person, and that is their power."

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