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February 26, 2017

Fellas...can you bet the money in your wallet that you're satisfying your woman? Sexually, emotionally and all of the above? 

If you're doubting the answer to this, keep reading.

Women like to be pleased, loved, told they're beautiful, swept off their feet. There's a lot of validity to the classic Disney Princess movies but we a...

February 9, 2017

The root of evil..nope not money, stress. Think about it, we get stressed over everything including money, money is definitely a factor but because of us stressing it....it tends to be a mirage as the root of all evil. Stress encompasses emotional, physical and mental, even spiritual or religious. Stress tends to be higher, od...

January 7, 2017

Society has constructed a sense of masculine and feminine foods and diets. To eat like a man is to order a huge slab of steak and the more commonly small salad and grilled chicken is said to be for the female presence. 

Guys, guess what, you should eat salad too and women you need protein so stop ordering side salads. The amoun...

December 24, 2016

When I was super ill this past summer, to the point of being unable to eat anything but a banana a day and keeping it down, I was more stressed about not knowing what I had than actually being ill. I believe stressing about it caused more exaggerated symptoms than actually being ill. Once kidney issues were ruled out and thyro...

December 19, 2016

Here's a list of 5 things that you may be doing to prevent you from reaching your own goals. These are commonalities that people have admitted to doing habitually.

1. Watching Too Much TV 

It's geared towards entertaining more so now than educating which is fine but too much time can be spent watching TV with gaining little bene...

December 14, 2016

 Everyone I know that wants to lose weight, get toned, drop fat....

They all tell me how many calories they eat or that they  "watch" their calories.

That's great but let me tell you, competition time for us bodybuilders, and most athletes, are not worried about exactly how many calories they're taking in daily. More so, we figu...

December 8, 2016

I cannot back up most of what I'm about to say with much medical data because I don't believe I have done enough research but my opinion on the matter is very strong.

Any form of plastic surgery, nose jobs, implants, butt injections; it's more common than dying hair now a days. Look good, feel good-that's my motto. However, at...

December 6, 2016

'Tis the season to gain weight, unbutton your pants, loosen that belt, wear that big sweater! However, with so many resources and new discoveries for flour and sugar substitutes, you don't have to avoid the cookies around the holidays!

There are plenty of recipes out there and options that leave you satisfied and guilt fre...

December 4, 2016

This is to inspire you to not give up or settle for anything less than you wish to accomplish. 

Do what makes you happy. Got a goal, dream, vision?

If you feel like telling someone you like them, do it

If you want a job, update that resume, kill that interview

If you want to run a race, train

If you want to lose weight, focus on th...

October 10, 2016

I know almost everyone has been in this position:

Had a relationship, job, home, or owned something that made you tired, annoyed, negative, weak, toxic...

You were so used to it, that you held on to it way too long. You stayed there when you mentally checked out. You didn't break up with that person because it was what you knew...

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