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December 27, 2018

It’s nearing January and that means New Year’s Resolutions are approaching.

Will you stick with it? Will you last through February?

Fact: Most New Year Resolutions are health and fitness related. Whether it be to attain a physical goal or mental and spiritual, we are all trying to better ourselves. In this new wellness era comes...

March 18, 2018

True. Thank you Tim Ferris and his amazing book, "Tools of Titans", I hit the go button for my fast. I love food. I love eating. I think it is life, a big part of it. I do eat ridiculously clean, I'm very disciplined but to not eat, for a day, let alone 3, was a tough task for me. I did it. I loaded up on MCT oil throughout my...

October 10, 2016

I know almost everyone has been in this position:

Had a relationship, job, home, or owned something that made you tired, annoyed, negative, weak, toxic...

You were so used to it, that you held on to it way too long. You stayed there when you mentally checked out. You didn't break up with that person because it was what you knew...

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