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Can the Calories

Everyone I know that wants to lose weight, get toned, drop fat....

They all tell me how many calories they eat or that they "watch" their calories.

That's great but let me tell you, competition time for us bodybuilders, and most athletes, are not worried about exactly how many calories they're taking in daily. More so, we figure it out as a result of eating our MacrosNutrients




Traditionally when most of us hear 'macros' we think of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). Eating what ever you want, pop tarts, rice krispies, protein cookies daily, however, I use macros in the definition of exactly what it meant before the whole IIFYM concept rolled around.

Eating Protein, Carbs and Fats daily in a way that is balanced out and proportioned for your specific goal.

All 3 components are necessary for our bodies. Of course counting them is a bit on the time consuming side, buying a food scale and measuring. It isn't for everyone. I have to say once I did it after so long, I could eye the amounts very close to their weight on the scale if not, their exact weight. This is a deep science to understand and I couldn't cover it in this post so I have attached some helpful links for anyone curious to learn more about Macros.

I did want to tell you all to stop counting calories. What good is it if the calories are coming from crap, processed food? It's like me justifying weighing the same as another girl with 10% more boy fat. She weighs the same but has less muscle and more fat.

Person A and Person B eat the same amount of calories but A eats all fast food all day and B eats clean, home cooked meals.

I hope this helps some of you a little bit.

Below are some great informative links!!!

1 Macros

2 Macro Science

3 Calorie Counting

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