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5 Things Stopping Your Success

Here's a list of 5 things that you may be doing to prevent you from reaching your own goals. These are commonalities that people have admitted to doing habitually.

1. Watching Too Much TV

It's geared towards entertaining more so now than educating which is fine but too much time can be spent watching TV with gaining little benefit. The world is outside.

2. Sleeping the Day Away

Now I'm definitely the first to admit sleep is important. That whole team no sleep crap is only good for so long. It'll catch up. Doing the opposite though and sleeping too much can also completely take your whole day away from you. We tend to have the most energy in the morning, so why waste it.

3. Making Assumptions

Too many times we assume we know the answer, a person, the result of a mistake...making assumptions can inhibit you from essentially living.

4. Feeling Entitled

Complaining about everything is a sure fire way to lack gratitude and when you lack that, you no longer appreciate anything around you. Without appreciation, it's hard to feel happiness or love, giving and receiving it.

5. Lacking a Purpose

This one is is tricky because sometimes it isn't as easy as we think to find our purpose. Some people never find it, some people don't know how and others may think they have found it but it doesn't make them happy. For help with this, I suggest you start asking yourself:

what you want to do


what makes you happy

what is something you want to change within the world

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