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We Are Woman

For the female readers maybe you can relate​

For the males, I want you to relate

Grind. Hustle. She works hard because it's what she knows. She doesn't hit the gym for any man. She refuses to do nothing but the best. Chasing her career to reach her visionary world of perfection. In that world, she sees the same passion in the eyes of her lover. The same hunger for success. The same relentless ambition. For now, she is alone. Content with the company of her laptop. She knows success is a journey and further more, the path without self compromising is much longer. Carry on woman.

No Love Lost:

I have to tell you that I'm like a typical man when it comes to emotions. I am deeply loving and caring but because of being hurt by mostly every one I have come across, (mostly male), I have learned the ins and outs of their thought processes. I know not all men are scum, or a-holes or inconsiderate, but a lot are and I have in turn, become slightly cold and resistant to attachment.

I know that upon meeting the right individual that this can change. I am super close to my guy friends who I know are genuine. I've seen their chivalry, their consideration for their women or girlfriends and their good natured intentions. My dad is a prime example of a true man, unbound by society's description of a man or father. He is loving, loyal, honest, caring and devoted. I know it exists but for now, I am loving, loyal, honest, caring and devoted to my career. If a man can embrace me, embrace that concept and be that in his own skin, then I know I will let the barbed wire fences, the gated walls and padlocks down.

The Dating Game A)Attached

Every guy I have "talked to", met with, gone on a date with, has told me they like a woman on her grind. So why is it that they get up my butt about me being busy. If you really liked a career woman, you would be understanding of her grind and know that her busy is just like your busy.

I dated one guy who initially, I thought was sweet and kind hearted. He was a funny guy too. The problem was after hanging out about 3-4 times, I was seeing his feelings grow. When I was in meetings or the gym, he was blowing up my phone always asking why am I too busy for him? "If I like someone I make time"...Word. He was right but me liking you is dictated how you treat me and how you understand me.



I dated another guy who claimed he missed me but never made an effort to see me.

Disclaimer- Snapchat convos mean nothing to me . If you have my number but claim you miss talking to me, why do you not open a new text message and write "Hey"...?

C)Child's Play

Just as stated: Child. A guy who claims to be a man. When you have to say it all the time, chances are you are insecure about it. You may think you're not as such and feel the need to prove it; your manhood. This man says he is mature, he knows how to treat a woman, only dates older may hear lines like this but if there is a constant need to proves one's self, all I see is a red flag that he is insecure.

Maybe I am wrong about this, maybe he is just trying to prove to you who he is with a minimal insecurity however, a man is chivalrous, nope it isn't dead. Opening the door, walking her out of your place, suggesting a date idea, calling her a cab, making sure she gets home okay, surprising her with a coffee when you meet her....If you're a "man" you will do man things.

My intention is not to piss anyone off in this post and if I did, well I guess I picked you out huh?

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