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Hidden Figures

An emotional, inspirational journey for women of color pursuing careers in a field that was male dominated and very much segregated. Our generation knows of the past, of the days with separate bathrooms, schools, seating but this was an in depth look on the women of color and what they went through especially those who excelled intellectually and how difficult it was for them to pursue careers.

I'm not particularly emotional during movies, but I got goosebumps every time something happened to shift the momentum of these three women. This shows the impossible feats during a time where oppression was known all to well. Based on a true story, this crucial role of these women in our country's space exploration truly displays determination and resiliency and how desire to succeed can override any obstacle. Without telling you too much, it's a must see, called amongst my male acquaintances, "a woman empowerment" movie, but a clear story of segregated inferiority that our country has overcome, (to a certain degree).

Hearing them say this is a woman's movie, made me realize how much unity I think we have lost as a whole in this country.

African Americans, which I cannot speak for, but as a minority among the majority and a Latina, I think it's accurate to say we have overcome segregation; clearly labeled segregation. Of course racism still exists as does sexism but what sucks to know is that so many people cannot see this movie as a valuable reminder of progress for people of color, not just women. Generations prior fought hard, got beaten and killed to progress their children and grand children and our generation and here we are, fighting each other over chains, over men, deciding influence of color or gender. Unity has become obsolete and I think this is a good reminder for us all to find our roots, repurpose our lives and designate a common goal and ground.

Go see the movie....white, Latino, black, African, European, man, woman, transgender....get inspired, retouched...

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