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The Plateau

Everyone hits plateaus. I don't care who you are. Men, women, fat, skinny; if you have a fitness goal and you gained weight or lost it progressively and then all of a sudden you stopped, you have officially hit that plateau point and if you haven't, count your lucky stars! The point of your body getting used to its routine, the normalcy of you regimen has now been engrained into your body's composition. It knows what is next and for how long, you need to switch it up. You could be eating too much, too little, training too hard, not enough...the problem with plateaus is we really never know why until we start experimenting with our body's daily habits.

Switching up your routine could mean a change in cardio, rest days, lifting rep range, diet factors, motivation and/or stress. I've hit many plateaus so I am all too familiar with how it works. You need to give your body a new ratio, a new input of intensity or shock. You would be surprised how much stress affects the body that even a yoga or meditation class could help your body release fat, (as you know stress=cortisol=fat storage).

My suggestions to you:

  1. Drink water at least 6-8 8oz a day

  2. De-stress with meditation or an activity that brings you peace of mind

  3. Try switching your strength training days around if you lift body part splits

  4. Throw in plyometric elements like slam balls, battle ropes...

  5. Switch your cardio routine either cut the time, add more or switch the amount of days

  6. Try HIIT like sprints instead of steady state cardio

  7. Switch up that DIET eat more greens and protein and carbs such as sweet potato, oats and brown rice

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