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Women's March & Trump's Inauguration

Stockholm, Sweden

I told myself I would steer clear of political interjection during Trump's presidential beginnings, but as a woman, and a woman who vowed to never allow herself to become inferior to a man, but equal, I couldn't ignore today's rallying and protests for the women across the nation. Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Boston and even internationally, all had thousands of women, children and men rallied in solidarity to raise awareness of the potential threat to civil rights and women's rights under our new presidency.

Now of course with this entire presidential candidacy this past year, it might be safe to say that there has not been such a divid of opinions and conflict of sex and race in our country in several decades. With what comes next, we don't know, but we can only come together as one, which is easier said then done. One can never change another's opinion, whether racist, sexist, republican or democrat, the human race is not meant to hold one singular point of view on every topic. There is grey in between black and white. There will always be an opposing view. Under this presidency, all we can do is attempt to become one strong nation, come together. I'm not saying to stifle your opinion because that's one thing I could never do. However, try to build each other up and support one another. What has happened already we cannot change, the future is still moldable.

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