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Animals Need Love Too

If you know one thing, one single thing about me, it's probably that I love animals, more than the average dog lover. I'm that one who stops dog owners in the street to say hello to their best friend. As an animal lover, of course I always try my best to give them a voice. Growing up seeing my mother take in animals to rescue, whether a bird with a broken wing or a dog needing a foster home transport, or adopting rescue dogs,...I have an extreme passion to help all animals to any capacity I can.

I've donated time to the ASPCA, The Humane Society and recently thanks to Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation founded in 2014 by Eduardo Serio, I have been able to do more research on the endangered species of felines and explore that sector of aiding and rescuing animals.

For anyone interested in this please, I urge you to donate to the cause. Check them out

Also, for my fellow NYC people, I have to let you know if you're looking for a dog, look no further, and save one! Check out

Please help these guys in any way you can, there are always volunteering opportunities. Give our friends a voice that everyone can hear.

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