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Muscle Recruitment

If you know a thing or two about lifting weights, you're probably like me and laugh now and then when you see some crazy moves with people lifting weight. Gym fails and gym memes tend to capture the hilarious things we see in the gym but as funny as it all is, a majority of people in the gym really don't know what to do and how to do it. It honestly isn't a laughing matter. If you're a true fitness fanatic you would want to help others learn how to better themselves and how to properly workout. Well, I'm trying my best to help you all who may be at a standstill or a step one in the health and fitness journey.

When it comes to working out, form and contraction of the muscle are KEY. You tend to see guys curling heavy weight, trying to show off how much they can handle, men and women squatting with their knees folding in and backs curling and heels lifting, (which if you don't know, is all no bueno).

Proper lifting form is necessary for results. Think of it like this; if you squat, aiming to grow your glutes and quads stronger but you have improper form, you now focus the growth or injury to another zone. Traditional squatting should focus on the bracing of the core, squeeze of the glutes and drive with quads however, if one is performing a squat improperly such as using their back, they're enhancing the recruitment of the lower spine instead of booty, causing obvious injury and imbalance.

My point here is, if you want to lift, there are countless benefits, but don't go into a movement without knowledge of the mechanics of it. A shoulder press can be compensated by traps, a lat pull down also by traps, a squat with the back, many seated presses should incorporate the core however, gym-goers tend to arch their backs to press any weight.

Think about the muscles you're about to use, the movement, the name of it, what the goal of the movement is and further more, everything is online now, just youtube movements or go to some helpful websites like which has a great workout library.

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