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Valentines isn't Just For Lovers: 15 Things To Do if You're Single

Take yourself out to dinner

Wine and dine your damn self

The commercialization of our holidays has left us feeling lonely on days like this. If you don't have a New Years Eve kiss you're starting the year off wrong, if you have no valentine you must be lonely, if you have no Christmas gifts from anyone then no one likes you or you are alone. All of this has been marketed so heavily to emphasize buying gifts or being with someone to validate the actual holiday. Well it's okay to be alone. A lot of people are dedicated to their careers or haven't found that person and to feel bad about that is completely inappropriate.

Love the journey your life is taking you on. Tough times will always be around but lessons learned will come just as plentiful. If you're alone, be alone and know that it is alright. Totally alright. Loneliness is something different than being alone and with holidays like Valentines Day, we tend to magnify this. The fact is loneliness is not what is happening. Being alone is but loneliness is a result of what we may feel if all we see is couples everywhere or the glorification of flowers and chocolate on Feb 14th. Well not everyone is taken and for that, you single folks can celebrate on your own. If this holiday gets to you a bit, and you're not extremely bitter over an ex, try something like this:

  1. Night out on the town

  2. Netflix and Amazon stick

  3. Grab a glassof wine

  4. Buy yourself some chocolate

  5. Take yourself or grab some single friends and head to dinner guys or girls

  6. Make yourself a kickass meal from scratch

  7. Spend time with family

  8. Hit up a comedy show laughter is the best medicine

  9. Concerts also are overwhelmingly fun no time for sadness

  10. Challenge yourself to doing something new- dance class, acting, cooking class, yoga... you get it

  11. Send love if you're not getting it send it- coworker, friends or family. Send them a card or email or text

  12. Pamper yourself

  13. Workout why not improve yourself?

  14. Don't avoid romance, tea a romantic novel or watch a romance

  15. Send yourself flowers or buy yourself some sugar free dark chocolate... or just chocolate. Trying to give you the healthy choice.

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