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It Goes Down in the DM...

You know! Check your Instagram now. You got that red notification on the upper right hand corner. I know I do. I know most women do. Ladies!!!ow do you decide who to answer and how?

There's 2 types of women receiving this:

*You either want the DM

*Or you don't

For the ladies:

Don't let your response be dictated followers!

If he's cute go for it,

If you have low key been stalking him go for it,

If you're looking for a fun night go for it,

If you're not necessarily looking for an overnight stand and maybe a serious relationship, I would step back and analyze the actual DM.

Just like there's 2 types of women there are 2 types of men:

*He want the goods

*He wants to know more on top of the goods

"You're gorgeous"

A bland statement, he could very much think you're to die for or he's taking a 50/50 on if that will work for your number.

"I love your pics"

Same thing

Now if you're not looking for your king, and maybe just a court jester, well go ahead, be nice and could see a movie, go to dinner or just get straight to it. It's like or tinder...just pick your preference.

For the guys:

As I scroll down my inbox, I found one guy screen shot a pic I had posted and he wrote all these damn heart emojis. First of all, we posted it, we know what we look like, it's a bit much to send that pic I already know I put up. Like thanks but I know I put that up. I don't need you sending me a pic of me!

As I wrote this, I found the funniest DM yet.

"Date me, I will let you cheat on me"

Guys have gotten more creative

Desperation, not a good look. Funny, entertaining, but I most definitely would never take that serious.

And if you holla with a basic line, expect a basic chica!

"What's your name"

"Nice pics"

"Hot body"

Basic lines work for basic ladies.

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