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Gym's Closed, Now What?

No excuses!!!

At home you can accomplish so much and no, you don't need a bow flex or treadmill. 

Do a HIIT circuit and if you're lucky and have smal dumbbells or bands then it'll be enhanced but you can do everything body weight and still get a good start on this snow day. 

Try a body weight movement circuits such as 20 reps of each, resting 1-2 minutes after each full rotation 

  • Jumping jacks

  • Pop squats 

  • Stationary lunges 

  • Push-ups (modified to your capability)

  • Sit ups

  • Plank 30-60 seconds 


  • Switch lunges 

  • Burpees

  • Crunches

  • Side planks 

  • Plank

  • V-up

  • Jump squats 

If you have a jump rope that can be an element  of a good cardio output. 

Running in place is a good warm up as well. 

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