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D.C. Disappearances

What they don't tell you...

This is nothing new. Disappearances in Washington DC has been prevalent.

Authorities in D.C. haven't been neccesariiy as active as they should be however, recently the Congressional Black Caucus has called upon the FBI and Attorney General to be more aware of this issue and to address it with concern.

FBI declined to comment and the Attorney General is said to be, "looking into the issue".

The real news is that the number of children missing in the D.C. area as of this year is not too different from the previous years. There's not really an increase but more so a desensiticized public. The real issue here and underlying of most within this country, is the racial divide. The difference in response, attention and federal and departmental reactions, shows a major division in concern based on race.

Why is it that federal authorities assume these black and Latino children ran away? Why is it that they assume kids are missing because they're running away from something?

I don't want to say that if these kids were white it would be broadcasted but it does make you wonder...

I ask you to get involved by following social media, keep an eye out on updates and I encourage you to blast what you can on twitter and Instagram to help people become more aware of the disappearings.

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