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How to Help Your Kids Stay Healthy

Before adulthood and teen years, it is crucial that we educate and motivate children to live and practice a healthy lifestyle. In a country such as America, filled with sugar and overly processed food conveniently available in every store, it's easy to feed kids cheap and fast food. These easy options are what become the norm to kids and their families and virtually habitual into adulthood. Once a child has been exposed to a certain lifestyle, they have a very difficult chance abandoning what they've been taught or consequently and subconsciously shown. Sugar is a drug, as you may or may not know, but it is highly addicting and once introduced at a young age as a part of the daily diet, it's increasingly difficult to let go of and adapt to a healthier diet.

Aside from food and nutritional habits, fitness is the other fundamental key to a healthy childhood. Let's face it, kids have endless energy and the best way to utilize that is to keep them active. Reducing sedentary time for them will promote healthy growth and natural balance. Unfortunately, with more and more technology, we seem to be losing sight of physical activity. Electronics have monopolized our attention and now, with more games out and youth friendly apps, children seem to have lost natural activity.

Activities and Fitness

  • Help kids stay active with classes such as youth yoga, dance or sports clubs.

  • Reduce time spent on staring at screens, limit it to a few hours here and there.

  • Enroll in parent-child classes.

  • Encourage them to pursue something they thoroughly enjoy, (painting, cooking, sports, dance, arts, instruments).

Eating Habits

  • Provide more natural foods, not everything has to be organic, but less processed is better than anything.

  • Include less dairy, unfortunately, there are a lot of hormones and un-natural things in dairy products.

  • Drink lots of water.

  • Limit sugar as it is literally found in everything, so excluding it on top of things is at least preventing further sugar intake.

  • Prepare food more often for your kids, if your schedule is demanding, try to buy quick snacks that are healthy and natural such as fruits, nuts and veggies. The food usually served at schools or in vending machines can contain enough calories and sugar for the entire day in one serving.

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