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Overtraining, Outside the Gym

Bodybuilders, power lifters, cross-fitters, all athletes who are serious about their fitness and nutrition, have heard of this term and all of them will debate until the end of time, circling around this word. Over training, to me, is a real thing. Contrary to what us athletes think, it isn't just going too hard in the gym, it's so much more.

---->If we define overtraining as going insanely hard in the gym, well yeah I don't believe in that. I work my ass off in the gym, more than the guys around me, (they'll even validate that).

---->If we define overtraining as over exerting our bodies in comparison to recovery and nourishment, then yes, I am guilty.

As fitness mogul Mike Rashid once said, "Chances are you're gonna listen to your body. When your body is fatigued beyond fatigue. If you're not putting enough nutrients in your body, if you're lethargic, you can't move around then it's time to take a break."

There are cases in which we don't listen to our bodies. It's not being stupid necessarily although, it could be. It could also be pure drive and determination. That was the culprit in my scenario. I was determined to look a certain way, be lean for a competition and hit a certain was my mind controlling every single workout. Ultimately it is our minds that control every aspect of life. You are in control of your mood, who affects it, how you react, how you train and how you eat. Of course, easier said than done. If we could overcome all obstacles or temptations with our mental strength, I'm pretty sure we would all have the bodies we want or close to it.

Learn from my mistake. Eat balanced, murder your workouts, feed your muscles, sleep enough to recover from that monstrous workout. Trust me, if you are lifting and working out like the beast you are, your body needs that recovery to do it again tomorrow, to rebuild after today.

Now, for me, overtraining by under recovering is a thing of the past and overtraining in the gym by repping out, going till failure, burning out my muscles is always a go. I lift to be strong. I'm not strong to lift. I meditate to live. Not live to meditate. I eat to live. Not live to eat.

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