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How to Survive as a Traveling Gym Rat: Long Beach, California

Where do I begin with this beautiful state?

Sun, a cool, still breeze sweeping my hair out of my face as I head to the beach to run a few miles. I dress ready for the sun to kiss my skin.

Running along Long Beach, I pass a variety of other people taking in this gorgeous morning. I run to the brand new, shore side gym, Olympix to get in a lift.

As soon as I walk in, the aesthetics are breathtaking. Equipped with Bose speakers over head throughout the entire facility, the energetic beats transmit throughout. This brand new gym as of February this year, is creating a major buzz on Long Beach.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that the first thing I do when I travel is see what gyms are surrounding me. Where can I work out or do any fitness related activities. I wandered to Gold's Gym on Pine Street in Long Beach, which was great, not of course like the Mecca on Venice Beach, but it got the job done and had everything I needed and then some.

Olympix though, the outdoor turf hasn't even been built yet according to the staff but the rooftop provides a comfortable, elegant yet nitty gritty ambience.

The rooftop has a suspension system set up with views of Long Beach right by Belmont Pier. What more can you ask for?

Lay down a mat and do some post yoga!

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