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5 De Bloating Foods For Your Kitchen

One of the words that resides with me throughout bodybuilding and life... I'm always bloated after flying, during that time of the month, high stress situations,... some people never feel any bloat and never will but for those of us who have the unfortunate issue from time to time due to sensitivity, here's some help. Genetics, food, stress can play a huge role. 

Genetically some people may have a hormonal imbalance or a super fast metabolism do they may not get bloated as much. For others, insulin levels, hormones, thyroid or metabolic issues can contribute to the bloating appearance. 

Highly processed foods and starchy carbs and sugar's may contribute to bloating. Also, filler foods play a huge role, a.k.a. anything processed. 

Stress. The underestimated culprit. This one is actually my hidden killer. Stress can come in physical form such as overworking and under recovering, emotional experiences, or environmental such as relationships or living situations. 

Cayenne pepper. A no brainer. I add it to a lot of my food. It also kills bacteria in our intenstines to help reduce bloat and gas. 

Ginger is a major anti inflammatory. I am obsessed with this as a garnish on my food and sometimes buy the root and cut it up and soak it for my water and tea. This is a must if your trying to flatten that tummy. 

Lemons. Fresh ones are better than the pre packaged juices. Plus the taste is totally different to me personally. Squeeze it in a water bottle and throw the lemon in. Of course wash it first peel and all to avoid drinking any type of pesticides or other grocer bacteria. 

Garlic is one I learned a few years ago. It's been shown to reduce insulin spikes  and flushes out toxins within the digestive system. 

Celery has dietary fiber. Fiber helps with digestion and weight loss but water with that is a must. It contains a bunch of antioxidants known to reduce inflammation. 

Try em out!

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