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So You Hate Working Out...? Here's 5 Reasons to Start

That's a shame, because it brings about really good after effects and overall boosts your wellbeing. I mean, seriously, science has backed it up and take it from me-I'm addicted to working out because it is my stress relief and I feel amazing after! If that's not convincing know that working out and exercise in general will:

Boost your confidence

You feel better when you look better right? Yep... Make goals, start reaching them. Down 5 lbs, visible definition or able to run a mile, do a 45 min session, whatever it is, you'll begin to look better and accomplish goals, you will become more confident.

De-stress your mind and body

Exercise is a great way to release any stress, from work or family or friends. I lift weights and sprint and throw in a lot of HIIT. Another great release for some of you new gym goers would be a Zumba dance class, a boxing class or a yoga-meditation mind reset.

You'll sleep better

No, really! Natural sleep medication. Try it! You've now exercised, you've felt a surge of energy, you will crash.

You'll have more energy - thank you endorphins and dopamine.

These natural chemicals within your body, send signals to your brain releasing an overall happier mood.

Memory will improve

Many scientific studies have validated this. With exercise, blood levels, hormones and other natural body chemical processes or organ function will improve but also affect the brain in a positive way.

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