What the Oldest Living People On Earth Have in Common...Extreme Health Tip

November 2, 2017

Fun fact, the oldest living person on record was a smoker, for 100 years and she lived to be 122years old. No, that does not mean cigarettes aren't bad for you, please no reading between any lines there... As a matter of fact, about 3,000 people die from second hand smoke lung cancer in the U.S. annually. This is not a rant about smoking, I just want you to realize genetics do play a giant role but just as much, so does environment.  


What do these elders have in common?


  • Genetics, they have some good ones, but let's say all your relatives died early, don't fret, you can't control the uncontrollable but you can decide how to treat your body. 

  • Exercise, it doesn't have to be bodybuilding but moving around daily is another reason they lived long lives.

  • A practicing hobby, gardening, dancing, something to bring joy to their life, an activity for stimulation 

  • Strong willed. Mind, body and spirit determined to be happy and conquer obstacles.

  • They were of the sort of farmers, an agrarian lifestyle or setting, so not so urban. They lived by the land. 

  • Sense of Purpose, they didn't have as much stress due to this buffer

  • Non processed food diets, mostly plant based. 



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