4 Scientifically Proven Tricks to Bring You Peace and Fight Anxiety

November 6, 2017

Light candles at home, a combination of aromas and get flame of candles indeed brings us peace more than we think. Aromas do wonders, but the vision of a small burning flame, instead of a bright fluorescent bulb, can bring about tranquility to the mind. Which brings me to my next interest, more scents.


Now, more than ever, there are a ton of different diffusers and million and one places to buy essential oils. From lavender, to orange, eucaplyptus, cinnamon, peppermint and more. These scents can calm your emotions very quickly. Studies have shown that certain smells can increase different chemicals or hormones in our bodies and brains. The scent of lavender can literally calm you down by increasing beta waves in your brain.


Unplug. Literally, get rid of your electronics. Start with 10 minutes a day if you think it's impossible or try eating dinner with no phone. You will forget about the news, the drama of relationships or friends. Eating a meal without looking at your phone is proven actually cause you to eat less. You can focus on what you're eating instead of instinctively eating more because you aren't paying attention to what you're inhaling. 


Buy yourself a plant, put it somewhere in your apartment, or room or house and take a look at it occasionally. It will definitely calm you down. Studies have shown blood pressure to drop in a group who entered a room filled with plants as opposed to a room with none. 



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