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Do Healing Crystals Heal?

It's like asking a person what they're Zodiac sign is and then swearing them off because of it. It's not something that is down pact, locked in stone. For example, you can't be a bad person, maybe rob someone, hit someone and then hold some crystals wishing for good juju and karma. You have to practice what you preach, believe in what you want, intend and attract. You have to really eat, breathe and live your intentions for crystals to contribute to that lifestyle. I'm sure if you google what different stones are for, they sound similar, but realistically within each stone is a more specific way of healing, empowerment, positivity, to a degree they're all a bit different.

I have a variety of crystals for different purposes but I believe in the reasons I use them, hold them, maybe set an intention true to my belief and pursue that intention.

I'll give you an example,

- I use my Goldstone crystal for my ambition and goals. It’s a stone of knowledge and perception. I tend to have it while I write.

- My Amethyst is the most common I believe amongst the stones and could be said to be a generic stone however, it is one of the few that improve the cerebral capacity. It has a positive effect on intellect.

- My Citrine I use for cleansing of my spirit and mind. I had an old acquaintance that was just always so negative so after seeing that person, I'd be attracted to Citrine to kind of rid me of his energy. This stone is good for eliminating those toxins you've encountered.

- Garnet, my birthstone, that of Capricorn, is known as the stone of health and just like Citrine can help with toxins however, this also specifically hones in on confidence and restoring the body to an energized state.

These are just a few examples but seriously, if you feel like maybe you want to tap into your spiritual side, they can't hurt to look at. Let them speak to you, choose you, if you go into a crystal store, pick one out that stands out to you. They're not expensive either, some from 3$ to $40. Try it out and use this link as a big more of a reference guide.

Energy Muse Crystal Guide

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