If The Rock Has Time, You Can Fit in 12 Minutes

January 10, 2018

Stop making excuses for not hitting the gym, going for a walk or a run, biking or roller blading. The truth is simple; you don't want it enough. That's it. So instead of complaining about your gut, fat or whatever it is that you criticize yourself about, turn your complaints into motivation and MOVE.


This 12 minute workout is for anyone one in a time crunch but looking to get as much as possible out of it. Also, if it isn't on your level, all you do is modify these moves. 


4 moves, repeated 3 times

Burpees-1 minute

Mountain Climbers- 1 minute

Medicine Ball slam- 1 minute

Russian twist with same Med ball-1 minute


BOOM! 12 Minutes but The Rock still worked 16 hours and worked out after flying cross country so ....



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